The State of Israeli Fintech

The State of Israeli Fintech

Last month, we hosted our annual LP meeting (unfortunately over zoom). During the meeting, we presented our LPs with updates on the TLVP portfolio, the state of Israel’s startup ecosystem and were privileged to have some of our founders present their companies. We also presented our thesis on the state of Israeli fintech. We thought […]

TLV Partners raises $320M new funds

The Israeli venture capital firm raised $220 million for its fourth fund for investments in early-stage companies as well as an additional $100 million for growth investments Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm TLV Partners has closed its fourth fund. According to documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the VC raised $220 […]

The Fourth: Announcing $320m of new funds

The Fourth: Announcing $320m of new funds raised by TLVP

Six years after raising our first fund and two years after raising our third fund, we are happy to announce that we have raised our fourth fund, TLV Partners IV. Our fourth fund is $220m, and we are setting out to continue our strategy from the previous three funds: backing visionary Israeli entrepreneurs from the Seed, A, […]

Our investment in Unit

unit founders

What happens when the right people are building the right company at the right time? read about Unit’s Seed and Series A Financing, and the Future of Banking Infrastructure

101 things that will kill your startup

hings that can fail your biz

A perfectionist product manager who believes s/he owns the truth (especially at the pre and early launch phases of your product) is just one of the things that could kill your startup.

The interface Is the message (when you know the rules)


What Chess streamed on Twitch, AI, and seed-stage startup investments have in common A couple of days ago, the New-York Times published an article about the soaring popularity of chess on Twitch, giving Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura due credit. Of all things, this made me revisit past thoughts on how chess has helped me understand the critical […]

How Zencity got me excited about GovTech

zencity founders

For many years I was pretty sure that selling innovative products to governments is a slow and heavy process. This company proved me wrong Sitting in Zencity’s office 18 months ago I was skeptical about the company’s ability to scale its business and materialize its potential. When it comes to GovTech, the overall market size wasn’t […]

VC funds  – with power comes responsibility


The rise of new industries and the disruption of old ones strongly rely on the venture capital paradigm. Hence, like corporates, we must acknowledge our influence on the markets and take responsibility Credit: Clark Tibbs Economies are dualistic creatures. On the one hand, they develop according to the current market forces in a given ecosystem. On […]

A call for Fintech companies

Fintech Landscape

It’s currently the Golden Age for fintech companies worldwide. Is Israel keeping up? I always say that my role as a VC isn’t to be a prophet but rather to be an observer. No one (especially not investors) knows what “the next big thing” will be or what the upcoming trends are. But if anyone comes […]

TLV Partners Raises $210M Funds


With this new fund, TLV Partners now has $490 million in assets under management Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm TLV Partners has closed its third fund at $150 million, the firm announced Sunday. Also on Sunday, the TLV Partners announced it raised additional $60 million dedicated to growth investment in the firms’ portfolio companies. TLV […]

The third: Announcing $210m of new funds


Announcing $210m of new funds raised by TLVP (From left) Rona, Eitan, Adi, Shahar Four and a half years after raising our first fund, and two years after raising our second fund, we are happy to announce that we have raised our third fund, TLV Partners III. Our third fund is the same size, $150m, as […]

Ushering in the future-of-work: Announcing our Investment in Stoke

Stoke founders

“As the number of Professional Skilled Individuals who choose to work as freelancers continues to rise, the world’s leading enterprises are in need of solutions to facilitate their engagement with part-time workers in a scalable manner. Stoke is developing an end-to-end platform that allows enterprises to manage and monitor their flexible workforce, from sourcing, to […]

Seed stage sales in B2B enterprise

b2b sales

Often, out of fear of the unknown when it comes to sales, entrepreneurs resort to what I believe to be the worst possible solution: hiring a Vice President of Sales too early I focus on seed stage investments in B2B enterprise software companies. Most entrepreneurs I invest in are first-timers. A concern common among them is […]

Israel’s Machine Learning Infrastructure Map Part Deux

reverse Due Diligence in Israel’s first Quantum Computing Investment: Quantum Machines

Israel’s machine learning infrastructure: Part Deux One year ago we published our outline of the Israeli startups in the machine learning infrastructure space. That article detailed what was still considered a burgeoning sub-sector of the overall machine learning industry, one of the defining technological trends of our generation. The simple thesis being that along with […]

Building tech communities that scale


As developers become stronger in their organization, open source projects and developers communities are booming Jono Bacon, Former Head of Community at GitHub and Ubuntu, during a meetup in Tel Aviv “We began as an open source project, and we were completely embraced by the community. VCs, however, weren’t impressed”. These are the words of Fred Simon, […]