Support You Can Count On

We strive to be your true partners, through thick and thin, for whatever it takes to help your business thrive.



We love new markets and aren't afraid to invest in first time founders



We believe that entrepreneurs, not VCs, build great companies



Our core values are: fairness, transparency and mutual respect

At what stage/s do you typically invest?

We invest in early-stage companies. We’ve invested in teams with little more than an idea as well as companies with initial traction. In more traditional VC terminology, we invest in seed and A rounds.


As a fund we’re focused on helping companies reach product market fit, and love the work that goes into getting there.

What is your average check size?

Our typical investment ranges between $2-$8M. Since our portfolio is concentrated, we reserve up to $15M to invest over each company’s lifetime and have various tools to support late-stage rounds. 

What is it like to work with TLVP?

First and foremost, our founders are best positioned to answer this question. So feel free to reach out to any of our incredible founders and ask them!

More specifically, we believe that entrepreneurs are the ones who run their businesses, not us. They are immersed in their markets 24/7 and we rely on them to make good decisions.

That said, we have LOTS of experience when it comes to early-stage companies, and extensive resources. So in addition to financial support, we provide good advice, networking assistance, and wisdom born of experience.

Our portfolio companies value our honest perspective and choose to consult with us often. They count on us to challenge them to be the best they can be but never attempt to step into a management role.

Who are your LPs?

Our LP base primarily comprises US-based institutional investors. Among them are some of the best-performing institutional investors worldwide and we are proud to have them as our partners. 

What does a typical due diligence process with TLVP entail?

First and foremost, we strive to be respectful of entrepreneurs’ time as we know it’s their most precious resource. In that vein, our diligence processes are quick, yet thorough. Our focus surrounds getting to know the team and idea, and the goal of the process is to develop joint conviction with the founders that our involvement in each company will serve as a force multiplier for the business going forward.

Do you focus on specific sectors?

Each investment team member has their own areas of expertise, and that information can be found on the team page. That said, we love investing in breakthrough technologies and trends that are not yet mainstream.


At the end of the day, we strive to invest in companies that we are passionate about, which is why you might see certain areas of concentrations within our portfolio.


Please feel free to view our “companies” page to view our current portfolio and their sectors of operation.

Do you lead rounds?

Yes. We are high conviction investors who rely on our own judgment for investment decisions. As such, we exclusively lead or co-lead rounds

Do you participate in follow on rounds?

Yes. We reserve up to $15m of capital for each portfolio company in order to participate and even lead follow on rounds. Additionally, our Opportunity Fund is a separate investment vehicle dedicated solely to doubling and tripling down in existing portfolio companies that have reached the growth stage.

What’s the best way to contact TLVP?

The best way to contact the fund is to reach out directly to the individual you feel is most relevant for your ask. We are a boutique firm, so all of our emails are simply: [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you invest solely in Israeli companies?

Our mandate is simple: help the best Israeli entrepreneurs succeed. As such, we require at least one member of the founding team to be Israeli. There is no geographic restriction however, and our portfolio already consists of many companies based completely out of Israel.