Revolutionizing Open-Source Security: Our Investment in Oligo


The adoption of open-source solutions has increased in recent years as companies started to realize that rewriting already existing functionality is pointless. However, this growth has also led to a growing concern about the effective management and security of open source libraries. 

A few years ago, I came across a team with a solution for open source security and, despite much consideration, ultimately did not invest. Looking back, we recognize this as a missed opportunity. So when an interesting opportunity in this field arose again, we were very excited. As the technology and approach to security continue to evolve, we saw the need for a solution that not only solves current problems but also prepares for the future. That’s why we’re proud to welcome Oligo Security to our portfolio and support their mission to revolutionize open source security.

Oligo is not just improving a product, but creating a revolution in the way we think about and approach securing open source. They are the first to offer runtime application security and observability.

Founded by Nadav Czerninski (CEO), Gal Elbaz (CTO) and Avshalom Hilu (CPO), Oligo detects and prevents vulnerabilities in open source code applications without affecting performance, using library-level analysis and behavior monitoring technology. Their platform prioritizes fixes based on application context and uses a proprietary eBPF-based engine for fast and efficient vulnerability detection and attack prevention. Oligo’s technology profiles the legitimate behavior of each library and alerts or blocks unexpected activities. 

Oligo is leading the next wave of open source security with its cutting-edge kernel technologies. Its proactive, effective, and frictionless runtime solution sets it apart from traditional scanning tools. As organizations increasingly face security challenges with open source libraries, Oligo provides a dedicated solution that is both efficient and effective.

Today, Oligo announced that it has exited stealth with $28 million in funding and industry-leading customers, just nine months from inception. TLV Partners led Oligo’s Seed round and participated in its Series A funding, alongside Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ballistic Ventures, Shlomo Kramer, and a group of prominent angel investors including Eyal Waldman, Adi Sharabani, Eyal Manor, Zohar Alon, Guy Bejerano, Shai Morag, Ofer Ben-Noon, Ohad Bobrov and Yair Amit. Syndicates include Cyber Club London (CCL), Kmehin Ventures and OperAngels.

Oligo has already been adopted by leading companies in various industries, proving the effectiveness and efficiency of their solution. We believe that Oligo is poised to make a significant impact in the cybersecurity industry and we are excited to be a part of their journey.