SaaS metrics benchmarks 

Compare your company to industry benchmarks Calculating your SaaS Metrics is not enough, you need to understand whether your metrics are in fact strong or whether they need improving. After spending a lot of time searching for relevant benchmarks to compare our portfolio companies to, we decided to build a tool for companies to compare […]

SaaS Glossary

For those who are only getting started and don’t yet have data to use in either the SaaS Metric Calculator or the SaaS Metrics Industry Benchmark Graphs, we have separated the SaaS Glossary which you can find here. Have fun & spread the word! Brian & Rona

Launching our SaaS Metrics Calculator

Calculate your SaaS Metrics automatically and compare your company to industry benchmarks About a month ago, we were approached by one of our portfolio companies to help them define and calculate their SaaS metrics. Being early stage investors, the companies we meet often do not yet have enough data to look at their SaaS metrics. […]

SaaS Budget Template

We updated our budget for early-stage SaaS companies. The cool thing is that this version helps you create a sales forecast and automatically calculates some important SaaS metrics for you. Of course, as your company grows you are welcome to use our SaaS Metrics calculator to monitor your most important SaaS metrics. Click here to […]