SaaS metrics benchmarks 

SaaS Metrics

Compare your company to industry benchmarks

Calculating your SaaS Metrics is not enough, you need to understand whether your metrics are in fact strong or whether they need improving. After spending a lot of time searching for relevant benchmarks to compare our portfolio companies to, we decided to build a tool for companies to compare themselves to the industry.

We have built the SaaS Metrics Benchmarks to automatically compare your SaaS metrics to two industry reports:

Openview’s 2018 Expansion Metrics and KBCM Technology Group 2018 Private SaaS Company Survey. This tool is easiest understood when looked at alongside the reports above.

All you need to do is fill out your Annual SaaS Metrics that you already calculate in the first tab of the document to the see your position compared to the two reports above.

You can also check our SaaS Metrics Calculator, SaaS Glossary and our SaaS Budget Template.

Have fun and spread the word!

Brian & Rona