Toby Stein

Head of Talent & People

Toby Stein is the Head of Talent, People, and Operations at TLV Partners, supporting companies across our portfolio in the areas of recruiting, HR, and ops, with the goal of building and scaling world-class teams.

Before joining TLV Partners, Toby served in various executive operational and HR roles in international companies ranging from Seed to Series C, with team sizes ranging from 10 to over 200 employees, and with a total of over $150 million in funding raised. Leveraging his experience at fast-growing startups and his passion for building teams and culture, Toby provides invaluable expertise in a range of areas, including organizational development and design, human capital strategy, executive coaching, and recruiting. A natural connector, Toby loves finding that perfect match between candidates and opportunities, giving talented people places where they can thrive and develop.

Toby holds a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree and a B.A. in Public Policy from Harvard University. Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, he now lives in Tel Aviv. He’s an avid reader, loves architecture, and always welcomes recommendations for new (preferably trashy) TV.

With early-stage HR, flexibility is your greatest asset, so don't be too tied to an idea of the "right way" to do things. Instead, be responsive to your team, your goals, your culture, your challenges, and your leadership style; build something that works for you.