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We welcome ScyllaDB to our family and wish them good luck!

ScyllaDB Secures $10 Million in Series C Funding

High-Performance Distributed Database Company Continues Rapid Growth,
Powers Real-Time Big Data for Organizations Across Industries and Geographies

ScyllaDB, the real-time big data database company, today announced that it has closed a $10 million Series C funding round led by TLV Partners. Previous investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, Magma Venture Partners, and Western Digital also participated in the round. This latest round raises ScyllaDB’s total funding to $35 million. In conjunction with the new funding, ScyllaDB will add Shahar Tzafrir of TLV Partners to the company’s board of directors.

“ScyllaDB has quickly built a thriving community of users who recognize the architectural advantages of the Scylla database,” said Shahar Tzafrir of TLV Partners. “Beyond its distinct performance advantages, Scylla is unique in its ability to fully exploit available hardware resources, leading to a dramatic reduction in TCO. That’s one of the reasons so many organizations are migrating to Scylla from Cassandra, MySQL, Hbase, MongoDB, Redis and others. We are very excited to join the team and to guide the company as it moves forward.”

Scylla is an open source drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra. Its unique, close-to-the-hardware design delivers scale-up performance of 1,000,000 IOPS per node, scale out to hundreds of nodes, and a 99% tail latency of less than 1 msec. As a result, Scylla users can significantly reduce the hardware resources they require, lowering both the total cost of ownership and complexity of their systems.

ScyllaDB has continued its strong momentum with customers and partners over the past year. Scylla is in production at hundreds of leading organizations, including AppNexus, AdGear, CERN, Discord, IBM, Nauto, Ola Cabs, Samsung and Ytel. It is used for a variety of business-critical purposes, including as a key value store, time-series database, large blob store, and graph database backend. The company is also partnering with industry leaders such as Qualcomm, IBM Compose, Samsung SDS, and many more.

“Scylla delivers tremendous value in a number of industries and a wide variety of use cases,” said Amit Karp, partner at Bessemer Ventures. “The company has quickly taken a technology leadership role in the industry, having pioneered a highly performant database that’s built from the ground up for real-time big data systems. Rapid adoption by leading companies like IBM speaks to the architectural superiority of the Scylla database.”

ScyllaDB will use the additional financing to help accelerate its entry into the database-as-a-service (DBaaS) market, leveraging the early success of the Scylla open source database and the company’s acquisition of DBaaS intellectual property in October of last year.

“Organizations are looking for their development teams to spend less time on the database and more time focused on their business,” said Dor Laor, CEO of ScyllaDB. “We will continue to add more functionality to our product set, and later this year we will launch our database-as-a-service offering as the next logical step for our high-performance NoSQL database. We’re pleased to see that our investors share our excitement for the future of our company.”

About ScyllaDB

ScyllaDB is the real-time big data database company. Fully compatible with Apache Cassandra, Scylla embraces a shared-nothing approach that increases throughput and storage capacity to 10X that of Cassandra. AppNexus, Samsung, Olacabs, Grab, Investing.com, Snapfish, Zen.ly, IBM’s Compose and many more leading companies have adopted Scylla to realize order-of-magnitude performance improvements and reduce hardware costs. ScyllaDB was founded by the team responsible for the KVM hypervisor and is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Innovation Endeavors, Wing Venture Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Magma Venture Partners, Western Digital Capital, Samsung Ventures, and TLV Partners. For more information: ScyllaDB.com