Welcoming Shahar Tzafrir as a third equal partner


TLV Partners welcomes Shahar Tzafrir as a third equal partner to the fund

Tzafrir joins the fund after having previously served as a General Partner at Magma Ventures III and IV At Magma, he led investments in ScyllaDB, Guesty, Applitools, Aidoc, Syte, CloudEndure, Teridion, Coretigo, Tonkean and more.

Beginning his career as a developer in the IDF’s Mamram intelligence unit, Tzafrir brings over two decades of entrepreneurial experience in the enterprise software and cloud industries.

TLV Partners was founded in 2015 by Rona Segev and Eitan Bek, and currently manages $115m. The fund invests in early stage technology startups.

“The addition of a Partner to a fund is a defining moment. We’re very happy Shahar is joining us” said Segev and Bek. “TLV Partners differentiates itself through its unique approach towards working with entrepreneurs; the minimization of unnecessary conflicts and the strong support of founders. Beyond Shahar’s experience as both as an entrepreneur and investor, it was important for us to choose a Partner who shares our core values and principles.”

“I am excited and honored to join Rona and Eitan, two prominent investors in Israel” said Tzafrir. “At the end of the day it’s up to entrepreneurs to decide which fund and Partner to work with. Rona and Eitan have created a new style of fund and have built a fantastic portfolio to date.”