The Fourth: Announcing $320m of new funds

The Fourth: Announcing $320m of new funds raised by TLVP

The Fourth: Announcing $320m of new funds raised by TLVP

Six years after raising our first fund and two years after raising our third fund, we are happy to announce that we have raised our fourth fund, TLV Partners IV. Our fourth fund is $220m, and we are setting out to continue our strategy from the previous three funds: backing visionary Israeli entrepreneurs from the Seed, A, and onwards stages.

In addition to TLV Partners IV, we are also announcing a $100m opportunity fund — TLV Opportunity II. This fund, which is dedicated solely to our portfolio companies, will enable us to support our founders deeper into their journey, thus cementing us as long-term partners from the outset.

Today TLV Partners manages $825M across all our funds.

As always, our thanks go out first and foremost to our founders. We are lucky to have backed over 45 companies and over 100 incredible founders, who will remain our number one priority. Secondly, we thank our wonderful Limited Partners, whose continued support is both humbling and inspiring.

Here’s to 2022 and beyond!

TLV Partners