Shahar Tzafrir

Managing Partner

Shahar is a Managing Partner at TLV Partners, investing in the idea/seed stage. Over the past decade, he has focused on the intersection of AI as it addresses commercial problems across sectors, including Developer Tools, Biotech, Cloud Native, Construction, Customer Retention, Data Centers, Drug Discovery, Enterprise Software, Health Care, and Taxes.

His investment portfolio at TLV Partners includes Buildots, Bond (acquired by Reef), Canopy Immuno-Therapeutics, Covver, Churney, Deepcure, EverAfterAI, Gelt, Granulate (acquired by Intel), Guesty (exit via secondary), Immunai, Odo (acquired by Checkpoint), ScyllaDB, Solvo, Silverfort, and Unleash. He also serves as a Board Observer at Aidoc on behalf of the founders.

Before joining TLV Partners, Shahar was a General Partner at Magma Venture Partners, working with funds III and IV. His investment portfolio included Aidoc, Applitools (acquired by Thoma Bravo), Cloudendure (acquired by Amazon), Coretigo, Guesty (exit via secondary), Indegy (acquired by Tenable), ScyllaDB, Syte, Teridion, and Tonkean.

Before his venture capital career, Shahar spent 15 years across three startups: Federation (acquired by Cordys), Oblicore (acquired by CA), and DigitalFuel (acquired by VMWare).

He served as a software programmer in Israel’s Defense Forces for six years, earning three annual distinction awards at the Unit, Division, and Corps levels.

He holds an LL.B., graduating Summa Cum Laude as the Valedictorian. Outside work, he is an amateur nature photographer and a chess player interested in Advanced Chess, a blend of AI and human strategy.

Other Notable investments: