Edna Yehudai


Edna Yehudai is a Bookkeeper at TLV Partners, managing and maintaining the financial health and integrity of the firm, and contributing to the overall financial strategy and support. 

With over 20 years of experience in bookkeeping and tax advising within startups and the venture capital industry, Edna offers strategic financial insights and compliance management to ensure long-term stability and success for the firm and its portfolio companies. Before joining TLV Partners, Edna was an Account Manager at a healthcare venture capital and previously held Senior Accountant roles at Nextstage, Oblicore, and Apax Partners. 

Edna is a certified tax consultant and holds an Accounting Type 3 certification from Ramat Gan Academic College, as well as a provisional license in Investment Advisory and Portfolio Management from Ra’anana College. Outside the office, she enjoys engaging her mind with puzzles and sudoku, further demonstrating her dedication to precision and problem-solving.

Successful entrepreneurs need strong organizational skills, thorough planning, and steadfast determination to tackle challenges.