Diana Shammas

Legal Counsel

Diana Shammas is a Legal Counsel at TLV Partners, responsible for the legal aspects of investment transactions and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

She advises on the legal facets of the firm’s investments, focusing on deal structuring, due diligence, and ensuring compliance with pertinent laws and regulations. From drafting and reviewing vital legal documents to skillfully negotiating agreements, she adeptly manages legal risks associated with financial transactions. Her meticulous approach and strategic insight are key in ensuring the firm’s transactions are compliant and aligned with its strategic objectives, safeguarding the firm’s interests.

Before Joining TLV Partners, Diana was a lawyer in a private practice, where she specialized in medical malpractice cases and obtained six years of litigation experience. Earlier, Diana volunteered for three years in feminist organizations aiding women who were unable to afford legal advice.

Diana is a certified Lawyer in Israel. She holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Law and Psychology from the University of Haifa, and an MSc in Child and Adolescent Mental Health from the King’s College in London. Outside of work, Diana enjoys spending her free time swimming and practicing yoga.

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