Adi Yarel Toledano

General Partner & CFO

Adi is a Partner & CFO at TLV Partners and manages all finance, legal and operations related matters at the fund. 

Before joining TLV Partners Adi was a Partner & CFO at Magma Ventures Partners for 14 years. Adi Joined Magma in 2004 and handled the finance, legal, investor relations and compliance matters within the organization.

Adi participated in Magma’s II, III, IV and Growth funds’ fundraising, and handled over 50 portfolio investments. Additionally, she managed more than 12 acquisition processes for Magma, including Waze (acquired by Google), Argus (acquired by Continental), Onavo (acquired by Facebook), Phonetic (acquired by ScanSoft), Hola, Corephotonics, and others

Prior to that, Adi served as a Senior Manager of an audit team at Ernst & Young Israel, specializing in venture capital.

Adi is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Israel, and holds her B.A. in Accounting and Business Administration from the College of Management (COM) of Tel Aviv, Israel. 



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