Funding Playbook

We’ve written this microsite as a starting point for individuals and teams just beginning their own entrepreneurial journeys. While we had Israeli entrepreneurs in mind as we began working on the content, much of this content is relevant for an international audience as well. In addition to the content that can currently be found on the site, we will periodically incorporate additional content relevant to the topic at hand. Along the way, you will note that a significant portion of this guide was not written by us, but is rather an aggregation of helpful resources from very smart entrepreneurs, investors and operators.

We assume you already have a founding team in place, an idea of a product and have begun to consider raising your first financing. The people we had in mind for this microsite include:

  • First-time entrepreneurs trying to understand how to best prepare for the fundraising process
  • Experienced entrepreneurs looking to broaden their knowledge of the fundraising process
  • Future entrepreneurs interested in learning about the different aspects in the fundraising process
Throughout this site, we’ll explore various concepts and terms that are crucial to successfully raising capital. We’ll help you build your first marketing materials, hone your pitch and walk through key legal documents that you will undoubtedly encounter.New Paragraph
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