B2B Budget Template


Most first time entrepreneurs struggle to create their financial plan. Downloadable templates are either filled with incomprehensive accounting terms, or too simple and generic to actually reflect future financial assumptions. Entrepreneurs have asked me several times to share an example of a financial plan with them, but due to the sensitive nature of the information I simply wasn’t able to.


But then I found myself on an endless trip around the world attending various conferences and portfolio company events. I grabbed the opportunity and spent the over 35 hours of flight time preparing a financial plan template that any entrepreneur can use.

With that introduction, I am happy to present TLV Partners’ financial plan template. We tried to make it as simple as possible, yet still sophisticated enough to use for your seed round. We also prepared some cool graphs that you can add to your fundraising presentation.

Before enthusiastically (or reluctantly) starting to play with our template please note a couple of points:

  1. This template is designed for B2B companies and is not applicable for B2C companies.
  2. The revenue projections are based on a subscription model and support only monthly payments.
  3. Unless you are an experienced excel user, please modify only the yellow cells. The revenue sheet and the costs sheet contain all the cells you need to modify.
  4. We added two alternative desired investment amounts. The first makes sure you will have enough cash to get to breakeven based on your revenue assumptions. The second is a conservative approach, that we actually use with our portfolio companies. It assumes that revenues are meaningless in the first two years and that the desired investment should cover all costs.
  5. This plan is designed for Israeli startups, with automatic ILS to USD currency conversion and calculation of Israeli gross employees costs.
  6. And most importantly — if you find a mistake in the template, please let us know and we will fix it ASAP.

Have fun and share it with other entrepreneurs.