Our Investment in Noble

Some Quick History Lending is one of the oldest financial mechanisms known to humankind. People always have, and always will, want access to capital that they currently don’t have, and people always have and will be willing to provide that capital in return for the upside that goes along with it. Understanding whether or not […]

Israel’s eCommerce Era

Small businesses are the bedrock of the global economy. Whether it’s a corner coffee shop, a local bakery, an artisanal clothing store or the best blankets to assure a good night’s sleep, we are surrounded by small businesses that produce superior quality products.   While historically these businesses may have only been discoverable while walking down […]

The State of Israeli Fintech

Last month, we hosted our annual LP meeting (unfortunately over zoom). During the meeting, we presented our LPs with updates on the TLVP portfolio, the state of Israel’s startup ecosystem and were privileged to have some of our founders present their companies. We also presented our thesis on the state of Israeli fintech. We thought […]

Our investment in Unit


What happens when the right people are building the right company at the right time? read about Unit’s Seed and Series A Financing, and the Future of Banking Infrastructure

A call for Fintech companies

It’s currently the Golden Age for fintech companies worldwide. Is Israel keeping up? I always say that my role as a VC isn’t to be a prophet but rather to be an observer. No one (especially not investors) knows what “the next big thing” will be or what the upcoming trends are. But if anyone comes […]

Israel’s Machine Learning Infrastructure Map Part Deux

Israel’s machine learning infrastructure: Part Deux One year ago we published our outline of the Israeli startups in the machine learning infrastructure space. That article detailed what was still considered a burgeoning sub-sector of the overall machine learning industry, one of the defining technological trends of our generation. The simple thesis being that along with […]

Mapping Israel’s machine learning startups

Firmly established as buzzwords, artificial intelligence (AI) and its subset machine learning are defining trends of the current startup era. The evolution of computing based on human instruction, to computing based on self learning has wide implications for every industry. This was demonstrated in dramatic fashion by Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai earlier this month when […]

TLV fund 1 as told through the numbers

As many of you may have heard, we recently announced our second fund. With every new beginning there comes a time for reflection. In that effort, we took a close look at the numbers from our first fund, and are excited to share them with you below. Deal Statistics In TLV 1, we invested in […]

First, tell me about the team

Whenever I get asked: “What do you love most about your job” I always give the same answer. The best part of my job is that I get to meet with incredibly smart and talented entrepreneurs and hear their latest and greatest ideas. The sheer number of talented entrepreneurs out there never ceases to amaze […]