Why Code-code will eat software that’s eating the world

Many professions throughout human history faced extinction and other evolution. Software programming is facing a revolution, not an evolution. AI is replacing mental labor like the industrial revolution replaced manual labor. We’re surrounded by software. It’s been coined (2011, Marc Andreessen) that software is eating the world and that every company is a software company […]

The Fourth: Announcing $320m of new funds raised by TLVP

Six years after raising our first fund and two years after raising our third fund, we are happy to announce that we have raised our fourth fund, TLV Partners IV. Our fourth fund is $220m, and we are setting out to continue our strategy from the previous three funds: backing visionary Israeli entrepreneurs from the Seed, A, […]

101 things that will kill your startup*

A perfectionist product manager who believes s/he owns the truth (especially at the pre and early launch phases of your product) is just one of the things that could kill your startup.

The interface Is the message (when you know the rules)

What Chess streamed on Twitch, AI, and seed-stage startup investments have in common A couple of days ago, the New-York Times published an article about the soaring popularity of chess on Twitch, giving Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura due credit. Of all things, this made me revisit past thoughts on how chess has helped me understand the critical […]

The third

Announcing $210m of new funds raised by TLVP (From left) Rona, Eitan, Adi, Shahar Four and a half years after raising our first fund, and two years after raising our second fund, we are happy to announce that we have raised our third fund, TLV Partners III. Our third fund is the same size, $150m, as […]

Seed stage sales in B2B enterprise

Often, out of fear of the unknown when it comes to sales, entrepreneurs resort to what I believe to be the worst possible solution: hiring a Vice President of Sales too early I focus on seed stage investments in B2B enterprise software companies. Most entrepreneurs I invest in are first-timers. A concern common among them is […]

Welcoming Silverfort to the TLV Family!

We are extremely happy to welcome Silverfort to the TLV Partners family. Good Luck! Silverfort’s revolutionary authentication platform delivers adaptive multi-factor authentication across entire enterprise networks and cloud environments without any modifications to endpoints and servers Silverfort, the first agentless multi-factor authentication provider, announced today a $11.5 million Series A round. The new funding was […]

What Chess has taught me about Life, Startups and Venture Capital

I’m no longer an active chess player, but I remain a huge chess fan. For me, being a fan means following the top players and top competitions; knowing a significant amount about the top players’ life and interests; playing through their games and trying to understand them, and when time permits, I travel to see […]