Empty Slogans and Simple Logic

Every other day someone asks me the following question: “Are you an entrepreneur friendly fund?” and every time I struggle to come up with a satisfying answer.  Firstly, I’ve never met a fund that declared it is unfriendly to entrepreneurs. Secondly, I struggle to understand exactly what people mean by “friendly”. Does it refer to […]

Why I admire nice people

Not long ago, I was invited to an event held by one of the world’s leading investment firms. The similarities between most people in attendance were uncanny:

Board Deck Template

Maximize the value you get from your board meetings while minimizing the amount of time you spend preparing fancy board decks.

Satya Nadella, Buddhism and Modern Leadership

Satya Nadella, Buddhism and Modern Leadership In an act of outstanding bravery, on the same stage that hosted some of Ballmer’s most gruesome power performances, stood Nadella, humble and soft-spoken, and talked about empathy Satya Nadella “When you walk the corridors of Microsoft, you can’t escape the feeling that you have entered some kind of […]

SaaS Glossary

For those who are only getting started and don’t yet have data to use in either the SaaS Metric Calculator or the SaaS Metrics Industry Benchmark Graphs, we have separated the SaaS Glossary which you can find here. Have fun & spread the word! Brian & Rona

Launching our SaaS Metrics Calculator

Calculate your SaaS Metrics automatically and compare your company to industry benchmarks About a month ago, we were approached by one of our portfolio companies to help them define and calculate their SaaS metrics. Being early stage investors, the companies we meet often do not yet have enough data to look at their SaaS metrics. […]

SaaS Budget Template

We updated our budget for early-stage SaaS companies. The cool thing is that this version helps you create a sales forecast and automatically calculates some important SaaS metrics for you. Of course, as your company grows you are welcome to use our SaaS Metrics calculator to monitor your most important SaaS metrics. Click here to […]

Embrace the Chaos

A keynote I gave at the Cloud Native Day in November 2018: Summarizes nicely my vision and the kind of companies I like to invest in. I hope you will find it interesting. Please send me your thoughts.  

GitOps — Why we invested in datree.io?

The First GitOps Policy Engine Bringing back visibility and control to codebase management in the DevOps era The VP engineering of a well known international software company led one of our recent Brainfest sessions. We listened intently as he told the story of his engineering group over the last five years. “Like most software companies we […]

Rapid Production Debugging is going to be a game changer

Imagine instead of having to work for your microservice application, your microservice application worked for you. No need to chase developers in the middle of the night, forcing them to help you get to the root of production issues. No need to rewrite code, redeploy services or restart applications. Instead, through a single interface you […]

B2B Budget Template

Most first time entrepreneurs struggle to create their financial plan. Downloadable templates are either filled with incomprehensive accounting terms, or too simple and generic to actually reflect future financial assumptions. Entrepreneurs have asked me several times to share an example of a financial plan with them, but due to the sensitive nature of the information […]

“How can I help?”

“What is your value add as an investor?” That question caught me off guard. It was rather late and to be honest, I was just getting ready to politely end the meeting. Then he threw the question at me. One of the most elusive questions you can ask a VC. It is as elusive as […]

How to Price Options?

This post is for entrepreneurs and will hopefully convince you that keeping the price of your Options low is the rational thing to do. (Understanding Options is mandatory in an industry which makes use of Options as a compensation mechanism. If you suspect you don’t fully understand Options I recommend reading our previous blog post: ( […]

Options – Basic Terms

The obscurity around options creates an expectation gap, that can hurt everyone around the table. A few months ago, a friend of mine left his position as chief architect at one of Israel’s most respected companies. After five years, he decided to start his own company and left with the blessing of the founders and […]

Veto Rights – Who Needs Them?

There is no simple solution for all potential conflicts in your startup. But you can encourage your investors to collaborate by giving them veto rights as a group. Avoid giving veto rights to a single investor. What are Veto Rights? In VC investments, the investor usually does not control the company. Even large investors will […]

Participating Preferred? Not If You’re a Series A Investor

Participating preferred is less profitable for both the A investor and the founders. And it creates a weighty potential misalignment. There is a common belief that participating preferred is always better for investors. Here’s a brief overview of the various liquidation preferences investors may ask for. Liquidation preferences determine how to divide the proceeds from […]

Why we invested in Puresec

TLV Partners believes that in the near future many cloud apps will be moving into a serverless world and that we are now in the midst of a major change in the creation and distribution of software and applications. PureSec is the first security solution that is designed exclusively for serverless applications. Cloud computing is […]


A simple tool to help you with Cap Tables and Exit Scenarios A few days ago on my way to New York I met a serial entrepreneur whom I respect and like a lot. He consulted with me regarding a round he was working on with several funds. We discussed the different funding options available […]

Why we invested in Aidoc?

After a half-decade of quiet advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), 2016 was a turning point in AI. Computers are now smarter and learning faster than ever. The timing of this progress is no coincidence, rather it comes as a result of several coinciding market factors. Take image recognition for example. Recent advancements in this field […]

Startup Glossary

We are pleased to share with you our glossary of must-know terms that all entrepreneurs should understand. Founding a start-up is a significant undertaking, knowing the basics is the best place to start! Good luck! http://bit.ly/VCglossaryTermsTLVPartners