How Zencity got me excited about GovTech

For many years I was pretty sure that selling innovative products to governments is a slow and heavy process. This company proved me wrong Sitting in Zencity’s office 18 months ago I was skeptical about the company’s ability to scale its business and materialize its potential. When it comes to GovTech, the overall market size wasn’t […]

Ushering in the future-of-work

Announcing our Investment in Stoke “As the number of Professional Skilled Individuals who choose to work as freelancers continues to rise, the world’s leading enterprises are in need of solutions to facilitate their engagement with part-time workers in a scalable manner. Stoke is developing an end-to-end platform that allows enterprises to manage and monitor their […]

The future of real estate investing

It is no secret that the real estate investment market is huge. In 2017 there was $464bn of transaction volume in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) market, however many of the integral processes that make up the day-to-day of CRE investors and operators are performed manually. This is a classic example of a large industry […]

Why we doubled down on Next Insurance

In early 2016 we first invested in Next Insurance alongside Oren Zeev and Ribbit Capital. That investment was an easy one for me to make, having known the founders for over six years and having the privilege and good fortune to be an investor in their previous company, Check, which was acquired by Intuit for […]