TLV Partners raises new $250M fund

Israel-based early-stage VC firm TLV Partners today announced its fifth fund, unsurprisingly called Fund V. TLV Partners raised its last fund, the $220M Fund IV, in October 2021. Including this new fund, the group now has $1.07 billion in assets under management. The plan is to make about 25 seed and Series A investments from this new […]

Vertical AI and who might build it

Industry-specific knowledge Vertical AI is the next logical iteration of vertical SaaS, Index Ventures partner Paris Heymann recently argued on TechCrunch+. In other words, just like companies were buying cloud-based software made for their industry, they will now buy AI applications that leverage foundational models and infrastructure to answer their business needs. While some business […]

“Contrary to what people think, true artificial intelligence is just around the corner”

Shahar Tzafrir, Managing Partner at TLV Partners, discussed the dramatic progress being made by artificial intelligence and how the next revolution will look like. Dina Pasca-Raz, partner at KPMG Israel, noted that there is “a significant increase in companies that use AI to speed up development processes” “The new AI tools aren’t really intelligent, but […]

App Picks The Best Shots From Your Cluttered Camera Rolls

Now you can have your own personal AI photo assistant that will help you weed through all those endless phone pics of kids and pets, and places you visit, suggesting which to keep and share. When Israel Shalom transferred his job from Google in Tel Aviv to Google in California 10 years ago, he didn’t […]

TestGPT: A Generative AI Tool that Guarantees Code Integrity

TestGPT is a generative AI tool that guarantees code integrity by CodiumAI Testing is an important part of the coding process, as CodiumAI explains. The company asserts that software of questionable quality cost U.S. businesses $2.08 trillion in 2020 alone. Errors in software code can be costly. TestGPT is an artificial intelligence model developed by CodiumAI and […]

VC investment in 2023: Unicorns are dead, long live the Seed

CTech’s comprehensive survey among dozens of Israeli VCs over recent weeks raised one clear conclusion: Unicorns are dead, long live the Seed! A combination of several factors like billions in dry powder, a global financial slowdown, entrepreneurial opportunities, and the maturing of the local ecosystem are making Seed investments more attractive than ever Investments in […]

“Startups, it’s time to go on the offense!”

Managing Partner Shahar Tzafrir joined CTech to offer advice to companies preparing for next year “As potentially ruthless as it may sound, every organization beyond a certain size has inefficient layers – removing them not only increases runway, it makes the company more efficient, and often the remaining employees acknowledge the waste previously surrounding them,” […]

Israeli startups vie for slice of cloud data protection market

Seven Israeli startups are operating in the fast growing cloud data protection sector but there is unlikely to be room for all of them. In some areas a range of Israeli cybersecurity startups is founded, all competing in exactly same field. This has happened repeatedly in recent years in hot areas, such as automated cyber […]

TLV Partners raises $320M new funds

The Israeli venture capital firm raised $220 million for its fourth fund for investments in early-stage companies as well as an additional $100 million for growth investments Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm TLV Partners has closed its fourth fund. According to documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the VC raised $220 […]

TLV Partners Raises $210M Funds


With this new fund, TLV Partners now has $490 million in assets under management Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm TLV Partners has closed its third fund at $150 million, the firm announced Sunday. Also on Sunday, the TLV Partners announced it raised additional $60 million dedicated to growth investment in the firms’ portfolio companies. TLV […]

TLV Partners Closes $150M Second Fund

The firm’s first fund, raised in 2015, manages around $115 million in seed and Series A investments Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm TLV Partners has closed its second fund at $150 million, the firm announced Tuesday. Investors in the fund, which was raised within two months, include both existing and new investors, mostly American institutional […]