Reverse Due Diligence in Israel’s first Quantum Computing Investment: Quantum Machines

qm founders

Investing in Quantum Computing is undoubtedly risky, though the market potential is astronomical — which is the exact recipe VCs should be looking for Co-founders: Nissim Ofek, Yonatan Cohen & Itamar Sivan Earlier this year on February 17th, we received an email from one of our portfolio companies offering an introduction to a group of entrepreneurs. This happens fairly […]

The Future of Real Estate Investing – Why We Invested in Skyline AI


It is no secret that the real estate investment market is huge. In 2017 there was $464bn of transaction volume in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) market, however many of the integral processes that make up the day-to-day of CRE investors and operators are performed manually. This is a classic example of a large industry […]

Why we doubled down on Next Insurance


In early 2016 we first invested in Next Insurance alongside Oren Zeev and Ribbit Capital. That investment was an easy one for me to make, having known the founders for over six years and having the privilege and good fortune to be an investor in their previous company, Check, which was acquired by Intuit for […]

Mapping Israel’s machine learning startups


Firmly established as buzzwords, artificial intelligence (AI) and its subset machine learning are defining trends of the current startup era. The evolution of computing based on human instruction, to computing based on self learning has wide implications for every industry. This was demonstrated in dramatic fashion by Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai earlier this month when […]

TLV fund 1 as told through the numbers


As many of you may have heard, we recently announced our second fund. With every new beginning there comes a time for reflection. In that effort, we took a close look at the numbers from our first fund, and are excited to share them with you below. Deal Statistics In TLV 1, we invested in […]

TLV Partners Closes $150M Second Fund

The firm’s first fund, raised in 2015, manages around $115 million in seed and Series A investments Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm TLV Partners has closed its second fund at $150 million, the firm announced Tuesday. Investors in the fund, which was raised within two months, include both existing and new investors, mostly American institutional […]

Welcoming Silverfort to the TLVP Portfolio!

silverfort founders

We are extremely happy to welcome Silverfort to the TLV Partners family. Good Luck! Silverfort’s revolutionary authentication platform delivers adaptive multi-factor authentication across entire enterprise networks and cloud environments without any modifications to endpoints and servers Silverfort, the first agentless multi-factor authentication provider, announced today a $11.5 million Series A round. The new funding was […]

What Chess has taught me about Life, Startups and Venture Capital


I’m no longer an active chess player, but I remain a huge chess fan. For me, being a fan means following the top players and top competitions; knowing a significant amount about the top players’ life and interests; playing through their games and trying to understand them, and when time permits, I travel to see […]

Why We Invested In Buildup

Why We Invested In Buildup The iconic image: “Lunch atop a skyscraper” taken during the construction of 30 Rock in NYC As venture capitalists, we search for a variety of key themes while evaluating potential investments. One such theme is markets in dire need of a technological face-lift. But it is not enough for an industry’s processes […]

First, tell me about the team

Tech Community

Whenever I get asked: “What do you love most about your job” I always give the same answer. The best part of my job is that I get to meet with incredibly smart and talented entrepreneurs and hear their latest and greatest ideas. The sheer number of talented entrepreneurs out there never ceases to amaze […]