We’re not giving annual raises – how do I tell my team?

In a previous article, I discussed the 4 questions early-stage companies should ask about each employee to determine whether an annual raise is recommended in that employee’s case. But, many employees will not fit into those categories (e.g. there is not a case-specific reason for a salary increase) and leaders have to make the decision […]

My first employees are reaching their 1-year anniversary – do I need to give them a raise?

The question of whether to give annual raises can be a tricky one for early-stage startups, especially those that have not raised money in the last year. As employees hit their anniversaries, leaders try to navigate between employee expectations and business considerations. Because these companies usually have no formal review process or raise schedule, it can […]

Investing in People: Expanding TLV Partners’ HR Value-Added Services

From the earliest days, decisions about hiring, culture, and people shape the trajectory of a company. But, very few founders – even if they’ve built companies before – have hands-on experience in the core competencies of HR and Talent Acquisition that are critical at early stages. As they start their journey, we know that many founders are eager for support. 

American Dynamism meets Israeli ingenuity in defense tech renaissance

TLV Partners’ Yonatan Mandelbaum suggests that Israeli startups prioritize defense tech, coining it “Patriotism as a Service.” Aligned with Andreessen Horowitz’s “American Dynamism,” the call for innovation in defense tech is underscored by the evolving global landscape and accessible weaponry, emphasizing AI and a “Defense First” approach

Patriotism as a Service

The tragedies of October 7th are still fresh in our minds and will continue to be so for years to come. And while now is not the time, nor is this the platform, to litigate or discuss those barbaric events or what led to them – we believe that it is our responsibility to do […]

Port’s Beginning: A Tale of Hard Work and Vision

Let’s journey back to 2019. By this time, DevOps had secured its place in the mainstream, and agile development had become the industry standard. Yet, even companies like Spotify found themselves challenged by the dynamic nature of their infrastructure. The need for continuous team education on every emerging technology was simply unscalable. This led to […]

Introducing Israel’s GenAI Startup Map

It seems that Generative AI is the new king in the realm of high-tech. Everyone is talking about it, it is becoming the centrepiece of investment decks, sales presentations and marketing reports. Everyone has a strong opinion on what the future will look like. The truth is that most of it is unknown. What is […]

The FIFTH: Announcing $250M Fund

Eight years after raising our first fund, we are thrilled to announce that we have raised our fifth fund, TLV Partners V. Our fifth fund stands at $250m, continuing our strategy of supporting visionary Israeli entrepreneurs from the Seed, A, and onwards stages. With this new fund, TLV Partners manages more than $1B across all […]

Generative AI and Vertical SaaS

GenAI and Vertical SaaS

The Generative AI wave is in full swing and it feels like not an hour goes by without a new product launch announcement from one of the tech giants or one of the foundation model upstarts. Just play around with ChatGPT, Bard or Midjourney and the hype is quite easily understood. Spend a few minutes […]

A pot of gold at the intersection of DevOps and generative AI?

Discover the latest insights into the intersection of DevOps and AI from TLV Partners’ Co-Founder & Managing Partner Rona Segev. In a recent interview with TechCrunch, Rona discussed the potential impact of generative AI on enterprise infrastructure management and how it could tackle the complexity of cloud-native applications through intelligent management and better visibility.

Neosec, Cloud-Native API Security Startup, Acquired by Akamai Technologies

Cloud-Native API Security Startup, Acquired by Akamai

I am excited to announce that our portfolio company Neosec has been acquired by Akamai Technologies, marking a significant milestone for the company and its founders, Giora Engel (CEO) and Ziv Sivan (CTO). Congratulations to them both and to the entire Neosec team for the hard work and dedication, and for building a product that has stood out in a complex […]

Investing In The Future Of Software Testing: CodiumAI’s Code Integrity Platform

CodiumAI's Code Integrity Platform

The software testing market has undergone a major shift over the last few years, and we believe that it is on the cusp of another shift. In the past, software testing was primarily conducted by a team of Quality Assurance (QA) professionals who manually verified whether the application functioned as intended. As release times shortened, […]

Revolutionizing Open-Source Security: Our Investment in Oligo


The adoption of open-source solutions has increased in recent years as companies started to realize that rewriting already existing functionality is pointless. However, this growth has also led to a growing concern about the effective management and security of open source libraries.  A few years ago, I came across a team with a solution for […]