About Shahar

About Shahar
Shahar is a Managing Partner at TLV Partners.

Before joining TLV Partners Shahar was a general Partner at Magma Venture Partners, in funds III and IV. 
Shahar led the Investments and Sat on the boards of AIdoc, Guesty, ScyllaDB, Tonkean, Coretigo, WireX and Real.
In addition, he led the investments in Argus (acquired by Continental), Applitools, Syte, CloudEndure and Ubeya.

Shahar is a 3X startup founder veteran 
(1997 – 2011): Federation – acquired by Cordys; 
Oblicore – acquired by CA 
and DigitalFuel - acquired by VMWare.
He is a graduate of the IDF Mamram computer division and holds unit, division and signal & communication corps annual distinction awards. And finally, Shahar is a strong chess player, with expertise in Advanced Chess - a combination of AI and human play.  
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